Italy coronavirus lockdown update

The virus was first confirmed to have spread to Italy on 31 Januarywhen two Chinese tourists in Rome tested positive for the virus. On 31 January, the Italian government suspended all flights to and from China and declared a state of emergency. In February, eleven municipalities in northern Italy were identified as the centres of the two main Italian clusters and placed under quarantine. The majority of positive cases in other regions traced back to these two clusters.

On 22 February, the government announced a new decree imposing the quarantine of more than 50, people from 11 municipalities in Northern Italy. The quarantine zones are called the Red Zones and the areas in Lombardy and Veneto outside of them are called the Yellow Zones.

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Schools were closed in ten municipalities in Lombardy, one in Veneto and one in Emilia Romagna. All public events were cancelled and some commercial activities [ which?

People with symptoms were advised to call the emergency number, instead of going directly to hospitals, in an effort to limit the disease's spread. Educational trips to destinations in Italy and abroad were suspended. On 22 FebruaryPrime Minister Giuseppe Conte suspended all sporting events in the regions of Lombardy and Veneto, which included three Serie A football matches in those regions, as well as one in Piedmontthat were to be played the following day.

Authorities in Veneto cancelled the last two days of the Carnival of Venice on 23 February. In addition to the emergency phone numbers andnew dedicated numbers were added for the different regions — LombardyCampaniaVenetoPiedmont and Emilia-Romagna Supermarkets in Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna were emptied by customers as residents stockpiled food and supplies.

On 24 February additional police officers were assigned to patrol the quarantined areas in Lodi and Veneto. The governor of BasilicataVito Bardiinstituted a mandatory day quarantine for people arriving from areas in Northern Italy affected by the outbreak.

Generali Tower in Milan and Palazzo Madama in Rome installed thermal scanners to measure temperatures of visitors and employees. Court proceedings were postponed until further notice. Walters issued a travel ban covering the areas of Italy affected by the outbreak for US service members and their families. Multiple fairs and exhibitions were rescheduled.

COVID-19 pandemic in Italy

Salone del Mobile was postponed to 16 to 21 June.Pompeii fresco in House of Ceii glows with vivid colours after restoration. Lady Gaga seeks Rome base while filming Gucci movie. Former head of British Council Italy sues over claims he groped woman at Rome party.

italy coronavirus lockdown update

Rome's Nuvola to be largest covid vaccine hub in Italy. Rome recipe: Rigatoni alla Gricia. Josef Koudelka celebrates ancient Roman and Greek ruins in Rome exhibition. Rome fills museum with vintage toys in new exhibition. Caravaggio exhibition in Rome. Italy requires an "immediate total lockdown" on a nationwide level, according to Walter Ricciardi, a senior coronavirus advisor to the Italian health ministry.

Citing the "heavy number of deaths every day," Ricciardi said it is "evident that the strategy of living with the virus, adopted so far, is ineffective and condemns us to instability. Ricciardi said the lockdown should be of "limited duration" and should include the closure of schools but keep essential businesses open, reports Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano.

He also said the measure should coincide with a "strengthening" of Italy's tracking and vaccination campaign. Ricciardi, a lecturer in hygiene at Rome's Sacro Cuore University, said it was "urgent" that Italy changed the way it is combatting covid, adding that he would "talk about it this week" with health minister Roberto Speranza. Walter Ricciardi calls for total lockdown in Italy. On Twitter Ricciardi posted a image of a cover from TIME magazine titled "Warning: We are not ready for the next pandemic," writing in his post that it was the "duty of public health scientists to tell the truth.

The intervention from Ricciardi came the same evening that the health ministry postponed the reopening of ski slopes in lower-risk 'yellow zones' until 5 March. The last-minute decision was taken a matter of hours before ski resorts were due to reopen this morning, 15 February. Ricciardi's call for lockdown was heavily criticised on Italian television last night by Matteo Salvini, leader of the right-wing Lega, who said: "Before terrorising 60 million inhabitants, do us the favour of talking about it first with the prime minister.

Carlo Calendathe prominent Italian politician, manager and candidate for Rome mayor, noted on Twitter that in June Ricciardi had "warned about the second wave, amid general disinterest.

Covid Italy set to reopen cinemas and theatres on 27 March. Covid Italy extends regional travel ban until 27 March.

Italy pays tribute to health workers as nation marks covid anniversary. Covid Italy declares new 'orange' zones amid concern over virus variants. Naples detects rare new covid variant never seen in Italy.

Covid Symptoms, vaccines and peril of the English Variant in Italy. Italy: Sardinia to ask visitors for proof of covid vaccine or negative test result.On 9 Marchthe government of Italy under Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte imposed a national quarantinerestricting the movement of the population except for necessity, work, and health circumstances, in response to the growing pandemic of COVID in the country.

Additional lockdown restrictions mandated the temporary closure of non-essential shops and businesses. This followed a restriction announced on the previous day which affected sixteen million people in the whole region of Lombardy and in fourteen largely-neighbouring provinces in Emilia-RomagnaVenetoPiedmont and Marcheand prior to that a smaller-scale lockdown of ten municipalities in the province of Lodi and one in the province of Padua that had begun in late February.

The lockdown measures, despite being widely approved by the public opinion, [1] were also described as the largest suppression of constitutional rights in the history of the republic. Following the outbreak of coronavirus diseasethe Italian government confirmed the country's first cases of the disease on 30 Januarywhen the virus was detected in two Chinese tourists visiting Italy. The first lockdown began around 21 Februarycovering ten municipalities of the province of Lodi in Lombardy and one in the province of Padua in Veneto, and affecting around 50, people.

The lockdown was initially meant to last until 6 March. While residents were permitted to leave their homes with supplies such as food and medicine being allowed to enter, attending school or going to workplaces was not allowed, and public gatherings were prohibited. Early on Sunday 8 MarchItalian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the expansion of the quarantine zone to cover much of northern Italy, affecting over sixteen million people, restricting travel from, to or within the affected areas, banning funerals and cultural events, and requiring people to keep at least one metre of distance from one another in public locations such as restaurants, churches and supermarkets.

Restaurants and cafes were permitted to open, but operations were limited to between andwhile many other public locations such as gyms, nightclubs, museums and swimming pools were closed altogether. The lockdown measures implemented by Italy was considered the most radical measure implemented against the outbreak outside of the lockdown measures implemented in China.

The locked down area, as of 8 Marchcovered the entirety of the region of Lombardyin addition to fourteen provinces in PiedmontVenetoEmilia-Romagnaand Marche. This area included the cities of Milan and Veniceand comprises three separate areas around Lombardy, around Venice, and another zone surrounding San Marino.

The affected area is populated by over sixteen million people, roughly a quarter of the Italian population. On the evening of 9 March, the quarantine measures were expanded to the entire country, coming into effect the next day.

In a televised address, Conte explained that the moves would restrict travel to that necessary for work, and family emergencies, and that all sporting events would be cancelled. Conte announced on 11 March that the lockdown would be tightened, with all commercial and retail businesses except those providing essential services, like grocery stores, food stores, and pharmacies, closed down.

On 21 March, Conte announced a further enlargement of the lockdown, by shutting down all non-necessary businesses and industries. On 10 April, the lockdown was extended until 3 May, and starting from 14 April stationery shops, bookshops and children clothing's shops will be allowed to open.

italy coronavirus lockdown update

Movements across regions were still forbidden, while the ones between municipalities were allowed only for work and health reasons as well as for visit relatives. The New York Times Rome bureau chief Jason Horowitz referred to the expanded lockdown as "sacrificing the Italian economy in the short term to save it from the ravages of the virus in the long term", with Milan considered the country's economic capital while Venice was one of its most important tourist destinations.

Prior to the quarantine's expansion, the Italian economy was already forecast to enter a recession due to the impact of the outbreak, with the tourism and luxury goods sector being particularly hard-hit by a reduction of travel. Tourism, another 6 percent, is also forecasted to experience a crisis, with normally crowded destinations being empty.

During the lockdowns in earlyemissions of nitrogen dioxideor NO 2fell drastically in northern Italy, most likely as a result of fewer diesel engines in operation. The effects on social movement of such measures were visible.

Aboutcitizens were stopped and checked between 11 and 17 March alone, of which 43, were decided to have violated the quarantine, including at least two priests who were officiating funeral services which were banned by the decree. The comparison of the province of Lodi where a rigid lockdown was imposed in certain areas starting on 24 February and the province of Bergamo where it started later on 9 March on 17 March showed that the first one recovered faster and the exponential increase of cases stopped.

On 3 April, Google published a series of mobility reports, using aggregated data to show the trend of how busy some categories of places were, and comparing them to a baseline evaluated in the months of January and February. Apparently, the differences in lockdown efficacy are also due to the different characteristics of the population of Italian regions. One of the bigger discontinuities to this respect is social capital. Unlike what previous literature suggests on the topic, results on the lockdown seem to rehabilitate the role of this familistic declination of the social capital, highlighting at least a positive role in directing individual behavior toward greater respect of the policy characterized by a net benefit of the original family.

Both Attilio Fontanathe President of Lombardyand Luca Zaiathe President of Venetocriticised the quarantine measures, with Fontana requesting better clarification regarding the quarantine from the central government, while Zaia opposed it altogether. On the other hand, Novara 's mayor Alessandro Canelli mentioned that he was surprised by the initial information he received that his province would not be part of the quarantine zone, and had requested for Novara's inclusion due to its significant transport links with Milan.

Responding to the thousands of people who evacuated from Lombardy just before the 8 March quarantine was put in place, police officers and medics met passengers from Lombardy in SalernoCampaniaand the passengers were required to self-quarantine. Michele EmilianoPresident of Apuliarequired all arrivals from northern Italy to self-quarantine.

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Conte, alongside other leaders, requested Italians to avoid engaging in "furbizia"—i.Concerns are mounting about the ability of the already stretched National Health Service to cope with the anticipated increase in people seeking treatment for COVID infections over the coming weeks that could be further fueled by holiday gatherings over Christmas and New Year's. After a grinding year that has seen at least 1. More than any event in memory, the pandemic has been a global event.

On every continent, households have felt its devastation, joblessness and lockdowns, infirmity and death. Since the fall, the Continent has watched with horror, and paralysis, as another wave struck with nearly equal force — and in some places far more. Hospital corridors were crammed again, respirators overloaded. As death rates spiked, governments imposed new, though watered-down, restrictions, hoping to salvage their economies while keeping the virus at bay. With growing calls for the United States to join the dozens of nations imposing bans on travel from Britain, Dr.

Scientists are worried about these variants but not surprised by them. Researchers have recorded thousands of tiny modifications in the genetic material of the coronavirus as it has hopscotched across the world. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is due to meet state premiers to discuss closing restaurants and bars but keeping schools and nurseries open, while allowing people to go out in public only with members of their own household.

In the northern city of Turin, some demonstrators broke off from a peaceful protest, smashing store windows on an elegant shopping street, setting smoke bombs and hurling bottles at police in a main city square where the Piedmont regional government is headquartered, RAI state TV said. The easing of those measures before the summer travel season contributed to a new wave of cases that risks overwhelming the countries' health-care systems if unchecked.

Speranza said businesses that come under the ban will receive some compensation, according to one of the officials. Conte's plan is aimed at avoiding a new lockdown and reducing the potential economic impact, the officials said. Defending holding public events during the coronavirus pandemic, US President Donald Trump, who tested positive for COVID early this month, has said that as a president he cannot remain locked in a basement and he has to meet people despite the risks.

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Have you read these stories? View: A tale of two methodologies Updated: Feb 27, View: The city-building never sleeps Can vaccinated people still spread the virus? ET NOW. Brand Solutions. ET India Inc. ET Markets Conclave — Cryptocurrency.

The Economic Times Startup Awards Reshape Tomorrow Tomorrow is different. Let's reshape it today. TomorrowMakers Let's get smarter about money. Corning Gorilla Glass TougherTogether. Great Manager Awards. UK in 'eye of the storm' amid surging new coronavirus cases Concerns are mounting about the ability of the already stretched National Health Service to cope with the anticipated increase in people seeking treatment for COVID infections over the coming weeks that could be further fueled by holiday gatherings over Christmas and New Year's.

World begins ushering in locked-down New Year After a grinding year that has seen at least 1. Covid, pandemic and lockdown: How changed the world In the last 12 months, the novel coronavirus has paralysed economies, devastated comMajor attractions including the Vatican Museum and the Colosseum reopened in Rome.

Much of Italy gingerly reopened on Monday from pre-Christmas coronavirus closures, with the Vatican Museums welcoming a trickle of visitors to the Sistine Chapel and locals ordering their cappuccinos at outdoor tables for the first time in weeks. That meant museums and the Colosseum could reopen, sit-down restaurant and bar service could resume during the day and many high schoolers could return to class part-time.

Italy is by no means out of the woods: The country is averaging around 12, new confirmed cases and Covid deaths each day. But it appears to have avoided the severe post-Christmas surges in Britain and elsewhere thanks to tightened restrictions over the holiday that kept ski slopes closed and prevented residents from travelling outside their regions for big family get-togethers. Many travel restrictions remain in place, along with indoor and outdoor mask mandates, a 10pm curfew, limits on public transport and other social-distancing norms aimed at preventing the health system from buckling under.

Museum director Eike Schmidt said he hoped the government would allow the museum to reopen on weekends too even though for now, visitors are almost exclusively locals since interregional travel is still restricted. Italy slowly emerges from lockdown imposed before Christmas. Subscribe to our daily newsletter!

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italy coronavirus lockdown update

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Starting Winter 2018, the Department of Statistics will be offering a new course: STAT 180 Introduction to Data Science Faculty Job Opening The Department of Statistics at the University of Washington is offering a full-time Tenure-Track Assistant (0116) or Tenured Associate (0102) Professor position.

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